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sábado, 28 de setembro de 2013

-::" allure "::-GIFTS and TIPS Perfect (◕‿◕)

[R] Allure Lotus Pants with Laced-Up Sides (Mesh-Azure) VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$325
Bônus Mini Corser e Short

[R] Allure Daisy Tank Top (M-Pastel-Orange) VIP GIFT- PREÇO NORMAL L$325
[R] Allure Daisy Denim Shorts (Mesh-Red) VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$325
Bônus TOP

[R] Allure Bandit Denim Jeans (Mesh-Purple) VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL  L$325
[R] Allure Rebel Denim Jeans Ripped Cuff (Mesh-Blue) VIP  GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$325

[R]Allure Diva Ankle Boots (Mesh-Teal) VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$425
Bônus Outfit Surpresa

[R] Allure Mystique Ankle Boots (Mesh-Red) VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$425
Bônus - Outfit Surpresa

[R] Stink Pretty Opium Boots (M-Royal-Blue) VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$425
Bônus Outfit Surpresa

[R] Allure Devious Panel Corset (Mesh-Irvory)+BOOTS BONUS - VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL  L$475
BOOTS BONUS [R] Allure Corset (Mesh-Irvory)

[R] Allure Ladies Long Sleeves Shir (Mesh-Orange) - VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL  L$325

[R] Allure Bandit Leather Jacket  (Mesh-Green) VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL  L$425

[R] Allure Countess Thigh High Boots (Orange) VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$425

[R] Allure Siren Catsuit (Mesh-Avocado) VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$525
Bônus Necklace(colar)

[R] ALLURE Stink Pretty Opium Corset (M-Gradient) + BOOTS BONUS - VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$375
Bônus ankle boots
[R] Allure Marilyn Mini Dress (Mesh-Sweet-Hearts) - VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$375

Veio junto com o vestido Marilyn (:

[R] Allure Divine Open Back Dress (M-Pastel-Lime) VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL  L$325

[R] Allure Open Back Mini Dress (Mesh-Grey)- VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$375

[R] Allure Vintage Zipper Dress (Pastel-Orange) VIP GIFT - L$375

 [R] Allure Countess Plunging V-Neck Dress (Green)- VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$375

ALLURE [R] Stink Pretty Countess Top and Skirt (Gold) - VIP GIFT - PREÇO NORMAL L$425

-::" allure "::-




First of all thank you for buying this outfit, the avg time it takes is 24 hours to make each box from concept to sales box. Thank you for shopping at ALLURE. Please Join our Allure VIP Group if you would like news on up coming releases and future VIP Gifts.

= MAIN STORE LOCATION & CONTACT INFORMATION                                                                             



Main Site:

= Mesh Standard Sizing Information for ALLURE - Mesh Clothing                                                           =

This is an Optimized guide to a good fit.. all have been tried and tested on...

@ Allure we do our best to help you look and feel great, If your still having issues after using this note card both Athayua Quan or Nekos my Manager can work with you till you are happy with the outfit. So we offer a free service at allure to help with size and fitting provided you have an open mind to making small alternations to your shape should you have problems getting the perfect fit for our clothing. However before we can do this we ask that you read this note card below and go from there first.

This has been done to further optimize your fit with Allure Clothing. Before you change your shape should you need to please backup your current shape and make a copy of it. Then you can include the modified shape with your outfit then save it as an outfit so you always have a perfect fit when changing into the outfit in question. Second these sizes below are optimized to help make your mesh experience better however please only look at the numbers below to see what mesh size closely matches your shape so you know what you should be wearing. Then if you have minor sizing issues then use the numbers below not all of them just what you need to get the perfect fit. 


Fitting guide for the Countess non alpha top and skirt..
Please note this is just a guide to get the best fit possible..
these figures could change slightly due to difference in height etc


XXS  -   Countess Outfit (top and skirt)

Body Fat.  0
Torso Muscle.  22
Breast Size.  30
Bouyancy.  32
Love Handles.  22
Belly Size.  0
Leg Muscle.  32
Butt Size.  32
Saddle Bags.  22


XS   -   Countess Outfit (top and skirt)

Body Fat: 4
Torso Muscle: 30
Breast Size: 42
Breast Buoyancy.  38
Love Handles: 26
Belly Size: 2
Leg Muscle: 46
Butt Size: 34
Saddle Bags: 30


S    -   Countess Outfit (top and skirt)

Body Fat: 6
Torso Muscle: 34
Breast Size: 5O
Love Handles: 28
Belly Size: 4
Leg Muscle: 48
Butt Size: 38
Saddle Bags: 32


M   -    Countess Outfit (top and skirt)

Body Fat: 10
Torso Muscle: 38
Breast Size: 58
Love Handles: 32
Belly Size: 6
Leg Muscle: 54
Butt Size: 44
Saddle Bags: 36


L    _  Countess Outfit (top and skirt)

Body Fat: 24
Torso Muscle: 48
Breast Size: 70
Breast Buoyancy.  36
Love Handles: 40
Belly Size: 12
Leg Muscle: 68
Butt Size: 62
Saddle Bags: 30

I hope you enjoy your stay at our main store when you go. 

Athayua Quan

Allure Designer
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