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sábado, 26 de outubro de 2013

Happy Halloween GLITZZ - GIFT GROUP

Halloween is always the same ... You earn gift as witches, demons, vampires ... But this year we choose a different Gift. We have created a complete look based on moose!
This look contains:
* Latex Pants * Latex Top * Latex Gloves * Mesh Collar (5 sizes) * Nail (Size 10 - Modify) * Tematic Boots * Tematic Horn * Tematic tail * Piercing (nose) * Sculpt Eyelash
* App for Lolas Tango

GLITZZ Group Gift :
This product is gift only in the Glitzz Group Vip: secondlife:///app/group/58c336d2-e4de-077b-2aea-0c5766a5e222/about
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