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terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013


                    Release News for 12.01.2013

~*Alice Project Essentials*~
Designer: Alice Demonia/AliceProject Resident
Manager: LiquidH3ll Carter
Customer Service: Sookie Triellis
Marketing Director: Magenta Devinna

Group membership: L$750
Alice Project VIP Group

Random Gifts for VIPs only
VIP only Midnight Mania on 2 week rotation
Extended access to subscriber and VIP group gifts (for as long as gift vendors are available in store)

"I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee."

Store Flickr:
Plurk: secondlife:///app/group/407c8cf4-3a23-0db6-d609-b110a0d50bd0/about (copy & paste to local chat to open)
SL Marketplace:
Event Calendar:


Mint Tulip (234, 101, 21) - Moderate
Hair Only Mall Landmark:
HAIR ONLY  MALL, HAIR ONLY (40, 88, 24) - General

Hi all~
The December Advent Calendar has begun here at Alice Project. I'll be sending now a weekly report revealing all the week's releases, but it'll be up to you to stop in every day and open your daily present! Gifts will be rotated at 3pm SLT/PST.

These gifts are currently only available at the Juicy La Jolla location, but I will be making them available at the Mint Tulip location later on to help with the flow of traffic. For now, just hit up the mainstore (landmark above).

Gifts will be available in two lavender and pink boxes (one for everyone, one for VIPs only) every day until December 25th. This year, every style will come in a special winter version of the 5 naturals (Black, Blonde, Brown, Red, and White) that are streaked with glitter and streak tipped with either Frost, Silver, or Gold glitter. Silver and Gold versions are only available to VIPs.

For this event, all hair is free on the day of its release, and then available for L$50 afterwards.

Also, be sure to check out the 2012 Advent Calendar gifts, as they are still available for purchase in case you missed them last year. These styles feature streaks that fade from red to green.

Thank you from all of us at Alice Project!
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