Second Life Grid Status

quarta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2013

:::::::::::::::::::::: Hunt L$0 - POE6 ::::::::::::::::::::::

Outfit: POE6 GLOBE #018 - *IW* Inga Wind CLothing

Buy the Globe.

Follow the red arrow in the second-floor shelf.
Follow the arrow.


DRESS: POE6 GLOBE #004 - LivGlam
Buy the Globe.

Follow the red arrow.


Outfit: POE6 GLOBE #055 - Shoenique Designs

Buy the Globe in the tray.

Follow the red arrow.

Official Shoenique Designs

Dress and Hat:  POE6 GLOBE #195 - Celestinas Weddings

Buy the Globe under the table.

Celestinas Weddings
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