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terça-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2014


Going back to the roots, with fresh start, starting new road inside the current path.

just 50 pieces of each item in the main store is now offered for 100- 200L a piece! female, male, full sets, special items dresses, everything

* each item in the vendor system limited to 50 pieces for the amount of 100L.-200L

* Item that has sold out will no longer be available for purchase or the vendor will dissappear.

* the move will be close after valentine. and thats when the leftover vendors will.

* new store will not hold all the current items- yet it will all be available on Marketplace

*once the new store is set- releases and group offers will be only there.

* there was not ever sale like that and there will not be again:) go have fun.

* Finesmith is NOT closing- its changing. 

* wish me luck *

 yula Finesmith

Main store-

♥ ♥ Good Luck yula Finesmith ! ♥♥
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