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segunda-feira, 19 de maio de 2014


Second Life’s 11th Birthday Community Celebration is going to be a huge and exciting event - running from June 22nd - June 29th, with an extra week to explore the exhibits after that!

It’s the largest non-commercial event in Second Life, with no charges to exhibitors - and everyone being able to apply. It’s not about showcasing the best - it’s about everyone coming together to celebrate the marvellous environment of Second Life!  You’ll find well known artists and people trying their first builds next to each other - you’ll find your favourite activities next to sports that you have always wanted to try and never realised you could in Second Life! 

There is no greater coming together of communities anywhere in Second Life.

And there will be music, classes, talks, demonstrations … all going on 24/7 for seven glorious days!

You too can be a part of this.

The deadline for applying to have an exhibit OR to perform or present (on stage or in the auditorium) is Tuesday 20th May at mid-day SLT.

You need to hurry to get your application in NOW!!!!

*****How do I apply?*****
Go to the website -
Make sure that you read the relevant policy guidelines for your application - they will help you fill in the document correctly!

How do I apply to have an exhibit / installation?
Fill in the exhibitor form:

How do I apply to perform on one of the stages?
Fill in the performance application:

How do I apply to present in the auditorium?
Fill in the auditorium application:

See the videos about the SL11B Community Celebrations at:
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