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quinta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2014

♥ *~~FL~~*by CarafloOolys *~~ 43 items of excellent quality between L$0 to L$10 *~~ ♥

~*~FL~*~Leopardi Outifit Mesh and black

~*~FL~*~ Rina hair MESH Blonde ~
*~~FL~~*by CarafloOolys *~~

~*~FL~*~Leopardi Mesh High Heels for Slink
*~~FL~~*by CarafloOolys *~~
~*~FL~*~MESH Outfit Black cuire~~
*~~FL~~*by CarafloOolys *~~
*~~FL~~*by CarafloOolys *~~
43 product sales good range with correct small price clothing, accessories, jewelry, skin / makeup, hair, shoes, packs and gifts for women in SL marcketplace by stylist designer

Floralilly Young is a resident is not a large execptionel famous designers, just a passionate fashion and style creation and advisor SL and RL, that's it started to create objects and especially and texture of clothing, accessories and enjoys sharing her experiences with other residents interested .

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