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terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2014

★☆★═ Merry Christmas From KittyCatS & FriendS! - Advent 2014 ═★☆★

Dia 02 de dezembro

Dia 01 de dezembro

Thank you for celebrating this season of giving with our 4th Annual Advent Calendar!
We hope you have found your gift from one of our friends and we'd like to take a moment to tell you a bit about us.
KittyCatS are an interactive, multi-faceted pet full of wonder and charm! Their appeal reaches a wide range of people from the single pet owner to those who enjoy breeding, collecting and creating their dream cats!  You will find KittyCatS are fun. highly interactive and very enjoyable.  

We refer to KittyCatS as "pets that can breed" rather than a mere "breedable" as they do so much more than just breed! KittyCatS feature elements of discovery, realism, mystery and wonder.  KittyCat owners enjoy a rich and rewarding experience with their cats and discover more and more about them as time goes on. 

KittyCatS has a creative and enthusiastic community that is welcoming, kind and a lot of fun. 

We hope this Christmas that KittyCatS makes your holiday a little brighter and we wish you and your family the BEST holiday season EVER! 

The KittyCatS! Company


You can also find out more about us on our website:

For those who want to know even more, you can read our introduction guide:

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